TF2 Latest update: DUCKS! And A New Late Misc!

Oh of course, I knew I was missing something obvious! Not only did valve add in new gear for the mercenaries. But they also added in duck assorted items! What are these ducks? What do they do? Well so far valve added in some type of duck filled journal badge onto the store. Basically ducks are a way for people to have a competitive score in TF2. As much as we know, whenever you kill someone you have a chance at getting ducks! For whenever you shoot someone into gibs or bonk someones skull apart, ducks will fly out of their new torn up body parts and will be ready to be collected for your use. Oh and a quick little thing before I go, a few days ago they added in a brand new misc they didn’t add in with the new update. Have a look at the brand new bad ass soldier suit called; “The Cold Snap Suit”.

250px-Backpack_Duck_Token 250px-Cold_Snap_Coat 250px-Duck_Journal tumblr_ngc3xhCdJi1rrtgbwo1_500


TF2 Latest Update: End Of Da Line!

Well ladies and gentlemen, It’s here, It’s finally freaking here. The End Of The Line Update and Movie are out! (2 days late).

But yes! We’ve waited about a year for this huge amazing update, but it finally came!

Then again, some of you don’t know what end of the line is..Well I’ll explain it to you. End of the line is a long awaited Sfm film created by very talented James Mcvinnie. He’s probably earning millions of subscribers right at this moment just for the film itself. Now this film is like no other film created on Sfm. (Not criticizing anyone who’s talented on Sfm). This film took almost 2 years to make. The lighting and movie itself is very well done. I suggest to see it whether you know what Team Fortress 2 is or you don’t. All In all great update! But now all of you might want to know what this update has added to the game!

This update has brought us a brand new addition to the key collection. The End of the line Key that unboxes an End Of The Line crate! These new crates contain over 23 items, a brand new taunt, and a Line breaking Crossroad Weapon!

The cosmetics range from Coats for the classes, to Lumberjack hats to keep the mercenaries warm all winter!

250px-Coldfront_Curbstompers 250px-Double_Dynamite 250px-Hunter_Heavy 250px-Insulated_Inventor 250px-North_Polar_Fleece 250px-Thermal_Tracker 709px-Winter_Woodsman_Demoman

Now Not only do the mercenaries have warmth to protect them, but now they also have a big ass Crossroad sign to bash enemies faces in!


Plus might I mention the new unusual effects and Chilled Pyro Taunt!


Well That seems to be about it, All the important stuff most likely… Have a great Smis-End of the linemas everybody!

TF2 Latest Update: Scream Fortress IV

So basically, everyone should now know, there’s been an enormous update with new features including the event Scream Fortress 6. Which in terms we’ll have to go over. So..Want a nutshell? Bumper Cars!cart

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again, where valve will release another Scream Fortress event update with new items and features. Let’s first go over what everyone will be up against this year in the on going adventures of Merasmus! Well first let’s start off with the brand new map, The Carnival Of Carnage. This map takes the map and game mode “Doomsday” and makes it dress up for the holiday. Sadly they didn’t add in a new boss battle this year, but they did hint at one in the map. This map seems to be an enormous strongman machine with a magical genie controlling it. That genie would be Merasmus himself! This time, your objective is to grab a case of tickets and pull it up the strong man machine before the others stop you from doing so. If one team wins, Merasmus will cast a spell on everyone to send them to Bumper Car Madness!

440_screenshots_2014-10-29_00003 Carnival_of_Carnage hqdefault maxresdefault screamfortress

After being sent to bumper car madness, you’ll be forced and fighting for your life against the other team in 3 different mini games each round for the chance at earning prizes. The 3 mini games, include: Stay on the platform, Duck Hunter, and Bumper Soccer! Each game consists of all players fighting for the true prize, Their life! But if you really don’t care fpr your life, then earn some new achievements to earn a new cursed weapon and a cauldron full of goodies.

440_screenshots_2014-10-29_00003 2014-10-31_00041 54578724b24ce 1414774540_144_FT0_tumblr_ne8hn1d7rs1qdu3jqo5_1280_ hqdefault (1) tf2-halloween2-776x437

But, did i mention the new spooky no key crates? No? Well these new crates don’t need keys, you just pry them open to get some of the new gear the workshop donated to TF2s Halloween Event.

250px-Creature's_Grin 250px-Facepeeler 250px-Forgotten_King's_Restless_Head 250px-Head_Hunter 250px-Hundkopf 250px-Li'l_Dutchman 250px-Mr._Mundee's_Wild_Ride 250px-Supernatural_Stalker Steamworkshop_tf2_beep_man_thumb Steamworkshop_tf2_halloween_bull_locks_thumb


TF2 Latest Update: Introduction

For now on until the end of time, I’ll be creating posts named TF2 Latest update: (Title). Why exactly? Well because since we’ve mostly covered almost everything about TF2 theirs nothing else to talk about unless it’s a latest update. Look out for these posts, they have some good info on the latest update for TF2


Limited Lazy Late Post Crates.

Well, not exactly the sort of title to start over with, is it? Well Boo Hoo, we’re going over some new updates and such anyways. Let’s first go over the brand new additional crates that came out a few weeks ago! The limited late summer crates! These crates were hand made by No brainer dwarfs! These dwarfs casted a spell on these crates for them to close at a certain point in time. So that’s exactly why you mercenaries are here! These crates would have still been opened if these dwarfs weren’t idiots! But they finally closed, dun dun dun dun! Well anyways you can still obtain the containment’s from inside around TF2. The crates themselves can’t be opened anymore sadly, but if you’d like to know the types of dwarfs clothing they wore have a looky looky at what they put inside of the crates!

wading_crate_2_large.4f81c58358338117b70decd23ae1fc38ab717e33 250px-Lady_Killer 250px-Mishap_Mercenary 250px-Poacher's_Safari_Jacket LnsbyUO steamworkshop_tf2_demo_pirate_coat_thumb

Team What 2: DemoCrab

There seems to be some type of new glitch/hybrid of one of the mercenaries. The spy has his own segment of where he can turn into a crab. But now it seems the Demo wan’ts in on the hybrid of animals to humans class. Introducing the Demo Crab! The demo now has the ability to lift his arm up while walking while equipped with a certain type of one handed weapon. Now we’re not sure if this is a glitch they just haven’t patched yet or if it’s a secret Easter egg that they’ve added into the game, but 1 things for sure, it’s pretty damn hilarious.

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