Tf2 Items Chapter 2: Smissmas

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve never said anything about Smissmas, well until now. They started calling Australian Christmas back when it first had been created. But they never released an update that was named after that, well yea until this recent one came. The most recent Australian update was called “Smissmas” and was released 2013 in December. This update included many bug fixes,new tools,a few new festive weapons and loads of new hats and misc that were themed for this event. The cosmetics were all submitted from the workshop FYI. The tools included new Smissmas keys and crates plus a gift stocking that when opened will give lot’s of presents just to you! The festive weapons went up and the new ones covered all the class update weapons most of them at least. The cosmetics ranged from new facial hair to a sub zero suit for pyro to even a beard covered in lights. Plus it has also added new rare and expensive crafting recipes for rare promos for a limited time!


maxresdefault 250px-Backpack_Gift-Stuffed_Stocking eGZcNSp festive_jarate maxresdefault (1) festive_blackbox festive_fan dumb_engi_best_engi all_polar_pullover 250px-Golden_Garment 250px-Mann_Of_House 250px-Sack_Fulla_Smissmas 250px-Smissmass_Caribou 250px-Tartan_Tyrolean 250px-War_on_Smissmas_Battle_Socks all_neckwear_headwear sniper_5month_shadow spy_dead_of_night steamworkshop_tf2_minnesota_slick_thumb steamworkshop_tf2_soldier_mountaineer_parka_thumb steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_191144445_preview steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_194751709_preview sfm___bothering_old_nick__by_stabkamay-d5ol6jx




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