Tf2 Logic: Friendly Players.

Starting with some logic for all of you out there, is the “Friendly Players”. Now friendlies come in all shapes and sizes. Friendly players can be from all of red team to all of both teams. When there are friendly’s it’s best you don’t kill them unless you have some rhyme or reason for killing them. Now if you bring up some excuse why you’re killing friendly’s  like “This is why I bought the game, this is what the game is about” <- That right there is just a maggot move. Comparing of why you bought the game and why you didn’t doesn’t give you the right to kill friendly’s. Killing friendly players just goes onto your reputation and makes you look like a complete D-Bag. Unless of course it’s the admins, there just having fun. Also if you decide to join in you can have a lot of fun tagging a long! From dispenser and porter parties to eating sandwich club!




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