Tf2 Logic: “Pootis”

Starting with are first meme would be the well known word someone cut up and made into an award winning word to use in Team Fortress 2. The word “Pootis” comes from the heavy’s “Put dispenser here” line. By cutting Put and Dis you will now have Poot-Dis, which is theatrically saying the word “Pootis”. Now pootis has been used in over 10,000 things today. It’s been used in pictures to videos to even remixes of famous songs! Pootis is the new Pow.


4MUWH6AMMK37IO2H7HHIFK4XWRGQBMCT.preview 520155-OMgvRwrX6pitoyCx POOTIS_by_JenRos




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