Tf2 Logic: Phisers

Now, these people are the most dangerous of all the things we’ve talked about. These players are corrupt and there logic is off the chains.  “Phisers” are types of people or computerized people made by someone with better technology than us in general. Phisers have two ways to scam you, these guys have a sneaky way to do it too. Let’s say you put up something to sell on a website. Then what do ya know you get a comment that usually states: “Hi my friend really like your item, please if you could add him he would be very grateful just click here: (Fake steam website). Usually they will put in a steam website URL. It looks real from a far, but if you look close enough some of the letters or numbers have been replaced. When clicking on it, it will bring you to a sign in page. Notice how you are already signed in. Yea fake page making you give your email and password away just so someone can access your account and smuggle all your items away. Another way is the way they have been doing recently. Adding you first then saying the same fake message. Just remove them or report, doesn’t matter. Some aren’t even players, some are bots adding randomly just to post that message. Very dangerous group of people you should waste any time talking to.


maxresdefault (1)  288b577fcf


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