Tf2 Logic: Scammers

Yes we are back to this blog, but now we will discuss the worst part of Team Fortress 2 or even online. There are people beyond us, these people don’t appreciate the fact you’ve spent money or time on your backpack. They will take from what you love most. Today we will go over one of the types of these people. Scammers, like in real life, these people will usually invite you to a trade. They will usually state something like “I have a wrapped unusual and I will give it to you for your backpack”. Before doing this, make sure you know what you’re doing. A good way to check if this person is telling the truth is to check out there backpack. It will usually show what it has inside of the gift wrap. If you click to go to there backpack and there profile is set to private mode. Do not trust this player, his only objective is to scam. To make other people aware of this is to first, type in chat :”This guy is trying to scam me”. Once doing that report him to an admin of the server or even report his to steam. First you need proof of his scamming, take a screenshot of the chat with F5. Once that is done cancel the trade or say something smart before canceling the trade. Others will usually try to scam you for the least of the price you want. Lets say you’re selling an unusual for 3 buds, some guy offers 5 keys. Do not accept, just another bozo scammer trying to get a good deal. Always check the price of your item before trading, make sure the player isn’t trying to squeeze a good deal out of you.   nGqhs LPp9ziO


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