Tf2 Logic: Sharkers

Now we get onto these scum balls. Kind of like scammers, Sharkers will stop at nothing to scam a new player who has a very valued item on there hands. Some sharkers will browse new players backpacks, then decide to add them. They will usually strike by the items you’ve wanted for a long time. If someone trades you then asks “Very cool hat you have there mind if I trade a bow for it?” This is a downright scam, do not accept this unless you’re stupid. Some sharkers will even add and keep you on there friends list just to scam you multiple times over and over again. These people don’t give a rats ass if you’ve spent time on putting money into your backpack. They will shark you in a heartbeat.


qrPCCiJ steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_204642935_preview


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