Tf2 Story: Life Extender.

30 years later after the teams battling it out in the badlands. Blutarch neared death each year but this year he was certain he was going to die. He called upon his expert craftsman Radigan Conagher. Blue wanted Radigan to make a life extending machine for him to live on forever. Radigan pondered the proposition, he finally agreed. Upon Radigan returning to his store, he noticed his door that he had locked usually was now open. He went in and found a stranger that had a proposition as well. The stranger told Rad to build a life extender for Redmond also. In exchange she would pay him with a 100 bars of Australiam, (A very rare gold). Rad agreed and became super intelligent with the gold, he built 3 life extending machines that were very powerful for Red, Blue, and even Gray.


2aj199kteamfortress2goldwrench 100_radigan


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