Tf2 Story: The Will

Now 30 years later right after Bette gave birth, Zep brought the now grown up sons to the united states to expand there business. When arriving Zep discovered dust-bowls and gravel pits that he purchased were useless.  In addition to the discovery, Zep caught onto an illness during his old age.  With  his  last will and testament, Zepheniah set up the events of Team Fortress 2 by leaving half of his land to each of his sons, for them to fight over for the rest of their lives. He also left his assistant Elizabeth, who is also known as the announcer, all of his dents, cahces and gravel for her to hide it. Zep heard that gray had resurfaced and was planning to strike revenge on him and his two sons. Upon Zep’s death, his body was surrounded by a few individuals. Far left looks to be a man in gray, could possibly be him no one knows for certain. Zeps ghost now roams around the harvest Mann maps for all eternity.


cp_gravelpit_big cp_dustbowl_big gray-mann Zepheniah_Mann_verstorben announcer mann-ghost-thumb   


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