Tf2 Love And War: Tumor Bread And The Breadhemoth!

After a day of waiting for those final seconds, the love and war update info was released! Just info no update quite yet. The info contained a computer showing the words Love And War in big computerized letters. Below was a 15 minute short movie of the Red team fighting along side the new improved miss Pauling against Tumor Bread Monsters! Under the short movie were released info and pictures on new unused taunts! Such as rock paper scissors and a square dance but don’t worry there are others included also! It also seems that we might get some new type of boss Named of the BreadHemoth from the movie! Gentlemen! Prepare yourselves! The breading has come!

bg_01 UNVqniN TF2-Conga 2570785-tf2+rps tumblr_n7c9yoKkq21twcfbdo1_500



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