Tf2 Love And War: The Cosmetics

Oh how could I forget the funny as hell new cosmetics and hats! There’s so many to choose from, but I think probably the best one is either the Mexican demo man or the Fat Ass Engineer!

75px-Item_icon_Bruiser's_Bandanna 75px-Item_icon_Classified_Coif 75px-Item_icon_Egghead's_Overalls 75px-Item_icon_Frickin'_Sweet_Ninja_Hood 75px-Item_icon_Lunatic's_Leathers 75px-Item_icon_Scoper's_Smoke 75px-Item_icon_Sky_Captain 75px-Item_icon_Spook_Specs 75px-Item_icon_Tipped_Lid steamworkshop_tf2_engineer_nerd_chin_thumb the-spoils-of-love-and-war-steam-valve-team-fortress


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