Tf2 Technology: Binds

Now we get into the secrets and commands for Team Fortress 2. First let’s start with binding. Binding is a simple way for you and your friends to use tools and weapons quicker. Getting tired of using your ctrl button as the crouch button?  If You respond with a clear “yes”, then you’re in luck for I will tell you the secret of binding. First things First, Go into your “options” menu at the bottom of your main menu. After clicking options, click the “Advanced” option at the bottom of options. After clicking advanced, Check the box next to “Enable console”. After that, hit apply then exit out of options. The term “Bind” is a use of taping a key to a command. Now binding is simple an easy to do. Now press your ~ key next to your number 1 key. Your console Should show up as a long text form paragraph box. Don’t be scared this isn’t hard. Now while being in your console, Type Unbind ctrl or whatever key you need unbinded. After doing so, Find a key that would be much easier to use. Now type Bind (Letter you want to bind) (Command). Without the Marks, just the letter and command. So it should look like this: Bind y Accept, or Bind G Crouch. Or whatever letter you had put in. Now let’s say you want to use a text bind. They are also very simple. Now type Bind G “say (your message here)” These binds require the ” in order for them to work. That’s all for binding for now.


03.console TF2ScriptBoard F3tNWmi


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