Team What 2: Burning Max Head

Yes This is going to be a new segment that will be going around this here blog. Now what exactly does Team what 2 mean? Well in this new segment we’ll be going over all the “what” things in Tf2. Starting with the new God Like hats. During the release of gift a pults. A team of highly trained monkeys tracked down a glitch of where you can use these gift a pults as keys to acquire hats and strange’s. Weird I know right? Once this happened all of the Tf2 community went ape shit and started to do this so called “Exploit”. When the team tracked this down they reported this straight to the Tf2 Administrators. The Admins of the community were astonished of how well they found this that for when they patched the glitch they gave the players a choice of any hat with any effect in the game. very cool I have to say so myself. At first they were like I’ll have a burning team captain, but out of nowhere valve clarified it could be (any) hat. They soon realized and became excited. One young man asked for a Sunbeams Wiki cap, another asked for a sunbeams H.O.U.W.A.R. Someone else wanted a holy glow Cheaters lament. And the final man wanted a Burning Max Head. There is proof of these items in the wiki plus there is an unusual max head burning flames on the Outpost.

maxresdefault (1) maxresdefault 0 (1) 0 440_screenshots_2014-02-06_00007


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