Tf2 Beta Maps: Asteroid

Gentlemen, I give you..ASTEROID! The very first map that takes place in space! Yes this new map and game mode all take place on a moon base! This is the one they were talking about for a long time and it’s finally here for our enjoyment! Asteroid is basically 2Fort renamed and re-textured to look like it’s in space. This map doesn’t just feel like space, it also has it’s very own game-mode, The final project is called Robot Destruction! A new game mode which each team must sneak into there enemies bases to destroy there robots. The robots are friendly to both enemy and team member. But the enemy doesn’t come friendly to it. In fact to earn points you must destroy these friend bots. Once a team has killed off the first level of bots they will then proceed to the upper level of the next bots. These bots however are ubercharged and will need multiple shots to kill them. If one team has well over 10 points, It’s safe to say you have the games permission to steal there generator. Generators are machines that save up the robot kill points. If you decide you want to take the enemies points, Head straight for the generator, but watch out the generator is guarded by a laser trap. But there might be another way around in the vents. Stealing the generator will steal all the enemies team points. Returning it to your generator will reward your team with the enemies points. But watch out the enemy team can still steal back there generator plus yours.

how-play-team-fortress-2s-robot-destruction-modehqdefault (4) hqdefault (1) hqdefault (2) hqdefault (3)  Team-Fortress-2


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