Limited Lazy Late Post Crates.

Well, not exactly the sort of title to start over with, is it? Well Boo Hoo, we’re going over some new updates and such anyways. Let’s first go over the brand new additional crates that came out a few weeks ago! The limited late summer crates! These crates were hand made by No brainer dwarfs! These dwarfs casted a spell on these crates for them to close at a certain point in time. So that’s exactly why you mercenaries are here! These crates would have still been opened if these dwarfs weren’t idiots! But they finally closed, dun dun dun dun! Well anyways you can still obtain the containment’s from inside around TF2. The crates themselves can’t be opened anymore sadly, but if you’d like to know the types of dwarfs clothing they wore have a looky looky at what they put inside of the crates!

wading_crate_2_large.4f81c58358338117b70decd23ae1fc38ab717e33 250px-Lady_Killer 250px-Mishap_Mercenary 250px-Poacher's_Safari_Jacket LnsbyUO steamworkshop_tf2_demo_pirate_coat_thumb


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