TF2 Latest Update: Scream Fortress IV

So basically, everyone should now know, there’s been an enormous update with new features including the event Scream Fortress 6. Which in terms we’ll have to go over. So..Want a nutshell? Bumper Cars!cart

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again, where valve will release another Scream Fortress event update with new items and features. Let’s first go over what everyone will be up against this year in the on going adventures of Merasmus! Well first let’s start off with the brand new map, The Carnival Of Carnage. This map takes the map and game mode “Doomsday” and makes it dress up for the holiday. Sadly they didn’t add in a new boss battle this year, but they did hint at one in the map. This map seems to be an enormous strongman machine with a magical genie controlling it. That genie would be Merasmus himself! This time, your objective is to grab a case of tickets and pull it up the strong man machine before the others stop you from doing so. If one team wins, Merasmus will cast a spell on everyone to send them to Bumper Car Madness!

440_screenshots_2014-10-29_00003 Carnival_of_Carnage hqdefault maxresdefault screamfortress

After being sent to bumper car madness, you’ll be forced and fighting for your life against the other team in 3 different mini games each round for the chance at earning prizes. The 3 mini games, include: Stay on the platform, Duck Hunter, and Bumper Soccer! Each game consists of all players fighting for the true prize, Their life! But if you really don’t care fpr your life, then earn some new achievements to earn a new cursed weapon and a cauldron full of goodies.

440_screenshots_2014-10-29_00003 2014-10-31_00041 54578724b24ce 1414774540_144_FT0_tumblr_ne8hn1d7rs1qdu3jqo5_1280_ hqdefault (1) tf2-halloween2-776x437

But, did i mention the new spooky no key crates? No? Well these new crates don’t need keys, you just pry them open to get some of the new gear the workshop donated to TF2s Halloween Event.

250px-Creature's_Grin 250px-Facepeeler 250px-Forgotten_King's_Restless_Head 250px-Head_Hunter 250px-Hundkopf 250px-Li'l_Dutchman 250px-Mr._Mundee's_Wild_Ride 250px-Supernatural_Stalker Steamworkshop_tf2_beep_man_thumb Steamworkshop_tf2_halloween_bull_locks_thumb



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