TF2 Latest Update: End Of Da Line!

Well ladies and gentlemen, It’s here, It’s finally freaking here. The End Of The Line Update and Movie are out! (2 days late).

But yes! We’ve waited about a year for this huge amazing update, but it finally came!

Then again, some of you don’t know what end of the line is..Well I’ll explain it to you. End of the line is a long awaited Sfm film created by very talented James Mcvinnie. He’s probably earning millions of subscribers right at this moment just for the film itself. Now this film is like no other film created on Sfm. (Not criticizing anyone who’s talented on Sfm). This film took almost 2 years to make. The lighting and movie itself is very well done. I suggest to see it whether you know what Team Fortress 2 is or you don’t. All In all great update! But now all of you might want to know what this update has added to the game!

This update has brought us a brand new addition to the key collection. The End of the line Key that unboxes an End Of The Line crate! These new crates contain over 23 items, a brand new taunt, and a Line breaking Crossroad Weapon!

The cosmetics range from Coats for the classes, to Lumberjack hats to keep the mercenaries warm all winter!

250px-Coldfront_Curbstompers 250px-Double_Dynamite 250px-Hunter_Heavy 250px-Insulated_Inventor 250px-North_Polar_Fleece 250px-Thermal_Tracker 709px-Winter_Woodsman_Demoman

Now Not only do the mercenaries have warmth to protect them, but now they also have a big ass Crossroad sign to bash enemies faces in!


Plus might I mention the new unusual effects and Chilled Pyro Taunt!


Well That seems to be about it, All the important stuff most likely… Have a great Smis-End of the linemas everybody!


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