TF2 Latest update: DUCKS! And A New Late Misc!

Oh of course, I knew I was missing something obvious! Not only did valve add in new gear for the mercenaries. But they also added in duck assorted items! What are these ducks? What do they do? Well so far valve added in some type of duck filled journal badge onto the store. Basically ducks are a way for people to have a competitive score in TF2. As much as we know, whenever you kill someone you have a chance at getting ducks! For whenever you shoot someone into gibs or bonk someones skull apart, ducks will fly out of their new torn up body parts and will be ready to be collected for your use. Oh and a quick little thing before I go, a few days ago they added in a brand new misc they didn’t add in with the new update. Have a look at the brand new bad ass soldier suit called; “The Cold Snap Suit”.

250px-Backpack_Duck_Token 250px-Cold_Snap_Coat 250px-Duck_Journal tumblr_ngc3xhCdJi1rrtgbwo1_500


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