What is this blog for?

This blog is mostly meant for blogging about Team Fortress 2, Starting from the bottom of my blog will explain what this blog is mostly about. This game is very easy to explain but it probably will take up to over 100 posts to explain about it. This will hold any Recent or old information about Team Fortress 2. Now 2 things you should know, There already is a Team Fortress 2 official website, but I thought it might be creative to have a blog about it, also the artwork and pictures are not stealing all credits go to the people who have created them. And don’t think i’m a No lifer or anything, i’m actually 23 using up my time to explain all of this, i’m very intelligent and know what i’m doing for blogging, this is mostly going to be for games.


ss_c57ce89c45c0c93ddf4ef92c133870c9d02757cb.1920x1080 team_fortress_2_steampunk_models__download_link__by_noopr-d6hdgsy heavy tf2 engineer tf2 pyro tf2 spy tf2 scout tf2 medic tf2 demoman tf2 team fortress 2 soldier tf2_wallpaperswa.com_82 _sfm__tf2___cult_of_personality___empathy_3_by_lonewolfhbs-d6e189q



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