Tf2 Beta Maps: Asteroid

Gentlemen, I give you..ASTEROID! The very first map that takes place in space! Yes this new map and game mode all take place on a moon base! This is the one they were talking about for a long time and it’s finally here for our enjoyment! Asteroid is basically 2Fort renamed and re-textured to look like it’s in space. This map doesn’t just feel like space, it also has it’s very own game-mode, The final project is called Robot Destruction! A new game mode which each team must sneak into there enemies bases to destroy there robots. The robots are friendly to both enemy and team member. But the enemy doesn’t come friendly to it. In fact to earn points you must destroy these friend bots. Once a team has killed off the first level of bots they will then proceed to the upper level of the next bots. These bots however are ubercharged and will need multiple shots to kill them. If one team has well over 10 points, It’s safe to say you have the games permission to steal there generator. Generators are machines that save up the robot kill points. If you decide you want to take the enemies points, Head straight for the generator, but watch out the generator is guarded by a laser trap. But there might be another way around in the vents. Stealing the generator will steal all the enemies team points. Returning it to your generator will reward your team with the enemies points. But watch out the enemy team can still steal back there generator plus yours.

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Tf2 Beta Maps: Cactus Canyon

In the new beta maps update, There was a new map with the game mode payload grasped onto it. The new map centered in an abandoned village/watering station named Cactus Canyon. The map itself was very interesting but still needs a little more updating. It centered for various rocket jumping places and corners for sticky trapping.

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Tf2 Beta Maps Release.

I did forget to notify everyone that there are new updated released maps that were released onto TF2 a few days ago. These maps included a brand new game mode and play style. I say we go over both of them before we go any further with our blog!


Team What 2: Burning Max Head

Yes This is going to be a new segment that will be going around this here blog. Now what exactly does Team what 2 mean? Well in this new segment we’ll be going over all the “what” things in Tf2. Starting with the new God Like hats. During the release of gift a pults. A team of highly trained monkeys tracked down a glitch of where you can use these gift a pults as keys to acquire hats and strange’s. Weird I know right? Once this happened all of the Tf2 community went ape shit and started to do this so called “Exploit”. When the team tracked this down they reported this straight to the Tf2 Administrators. The Admins of the community were astonished of how well they found this that for when they patched the glitch they gave the players a choice of any hat with any effect in the game. very cool I have to say so myself. At first they were like I’ll have a burning team captain, but out of nowhere valve clarified it could be (any) hat. They soon realized and became excited. One young man asked for a Sunbeams Wiki cap, another asked for a sunbeams H.O.U.W.A.R. Someone else wanted a holy glow Cheaters lament. And the final man wanted a Burning Max Head. There is proof of these items in the wiki plus there is an unusual max head burning flames on the Outpost.

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Tf2 Technology: Binds

Now we get into the secrets and commands for Team Fortress 2. First let’s start with binding. Binding is a simple way for you and your friends to use tools and weapons quicker. Getting tired of using your ctrl button as the crouch button?  If You respond with a clear “yes”, then you’re in luck for I will tell you the secret of binding. First things First, Go into your “options” menu at the bottom of your main menu. After clicking options, click the “Advanced” option at the bottom of options. After clicking advanced, Check the box next to “Enable console”. After that, hit apply then exit out of options. The term “Bind” is a use of taping a key to a command. Now binding is simple an easy to do. Now press your ~ key next to your number 1 key. Your console Should show up as a long text form paragraph box. Don’t be scared this isn’t hard. Now while being in your console, Type Unbind ctrl or whatever key you need unbinded. After doing so, Find a key that would be much easier to use. Now type Bind (Letter you want to bind) (Command). Without the Marks, just the letter and command. So it should look like this: Bind y Accept, or Bind G Crouch. Or whatever letter you had put in. Now let’s say you want to use a text bind. They are also very simple. Now type Bind G “say (your message here)” These binds require the ” in order for them to work. That’s all for binding for now.


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Tf2 Technology: Introduction

We will now go over the non related Tf2 things in Tf2, yes I know that doesn’t make much sense, but quite frankly it does in fact make a whole lot of sense. This section will go over the Map Making Progression, Mic spamming, Binds, and Commands for the console. And don’t worry we’re almost done with filling you up on information on things Tf2 Wise. Here’s some previews of things we’ll be talking about in the next few days:

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