Tf2 Bonus: Pyro Sharks

No these aren’t the type of scam sharks. These sharks don’t live in the trading community, they instead live in the deepest depths of the sea. These creatures are very intriguing actually. Pyro-Sharks live in the lakes and rivers of competitive maps that we play today. These creatures usually come in groups, they seem to look like pyros with a giant neon sign. Swimming around the rivers waiting for prey. Never go into the waters of maps, these predators will strike you when you least expect it. Do not question these vicious beasts of nature, they look harmless, but they really aren’t. Make sure to stay on land and try not to fall into the abyss.


sfm__pyro__test__by_theastrix-d5kl7n8 sfm_meet_the_pyro_by_darksora01-d5txvhs IzyT4fn


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